Timber framed houses - where the future meets the past

Timber frame homes are considered as one of the most beautiful housing constructions of all time. Their unique design lets people go back to an ideal, imaginery past. But what are the timber frame houses exactly and what makes them so special? Let's figure it out together.

What is a timber frame house?

Timber framed houses are beautiful and versatile kind of buildings based on a frame structure of large posts and beams joined perfectly with strong pegs. Due to an excellent visual effect, the timbers are exposed inside the house while the walls are positioned on the outside of the frame. In modern timber framed houses frame constructions are usually engineered and built off-site in factories. Then all the components are transported to the site and installed with great accuracy.

Safety and the life expectancy

A well built and designed timber framed houses are perfectly safe and durable.

Despite appearances, they're not so different from the traditional masonry houses. We can be sure that they won't collapse in European weather conditions or rot to the ground. The reasonably expected life span for a timber frame house is considered to be around 25-40 years (depending on the producer).